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  •  Walker's preparing to put vocals on the new album.  Easily distracted with people around, hopefully this will go smoothly.
  • Working songs out to get them released.  We do a lot of posting with https://numberonemusic.com/walkercaine (n1m.com) if you want to give a listen.  Also post things on https://walkercaine.com/pre-release too but the statistics are sometimes better at N1M, it appears we have a lot going on in Asia & Northern Europe these days.
  • Been making some changes here, subtle but significant by adding button links to sister sites on the opening page.  Miss running our own servers which we had done since 1993, this is getting expensive lol. 
Horst Zaspel, Ampred

Horst with AMPYRED on the road... literally

  •  A check-in from Horst!
    "Hi Walker ...the Domain with HZ Music is done ....I start the next Days with a new Domain under AMPYRED ..
    --Concert from my Band Ampyred via Smartphone ...thats need a liitle Time ...smile ... It really starts with my Band in Oktober 19 at a little Rock Festival here in Helsa calls " Rock im King " I will play there with Ampyred and my other Band UnderCover and I´am also one of the Organizers next to the association of Culture in Helsa ...will be a lot of Photo and Video Material ...Wish You could be there .....This Year is really great ...A total of 25 Concerts , each Week 3-4 Days Practice with the Bands and more and more requests ..."       [ Wish I could be there too!   Much success! - Walker ]

 Walkers "Life in Progress" official release date is Aug. 7, 2019 at all of your favorite online retailers  and available now in our Music Shop.  With the lack of physical retailers it has not been decided whether to run CD/Vinyl's but made a last minute decision to sell them here in the Music Shop. 

  • We will add band news when available... when they tell us, we'll tell you! 
  • Horst is back in the studio with one of his bands - I believe this time it's  AMPREX
  • Walker is returning to his park and desert practicing along the routes used by hikers and bicyclists.




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